Planches (Les)

Société de développement de la Vieille Ville de Montreux
Quartier des Tilleuls 6
CH-1820 Montreux
Tel. +41 21 963 46 67
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Montreux Old Town - Les Planches, Chêne, Sâles, Crin, Pallens... Easy to reach from downtown - just a 10min walk.

That's the real Montreux, a kind of little Montmartre with artists, workshops, restaurants, bars, and so on.

If you wish to discover Montreux from the inside, it's the place to be! A real village life, close to the town but somehow far from the touristic ambience of the lakeshore...

Montreux as a town was born in 1961 only. Before, it was a constellation of small villages and hamlets spread along the lakeshore and on the mountain slopes.

Les Planches and the neighbouring hamlets were some of these villages. Nowadays, they are part of the town, but they kept a village attitude and it's the best place to go to find authenticity.

Downtown, you'll see a mix of ancient palaces and mansions and of ugly modern buildings, but in and around Les Planches, you'll find the true face of Montreux, and a lively community!

Climb to Les Planches to visit, have a drink or a meal, attend an event or just see the view over the lake, it's really worth the effort...