SwissTrips - Guide to regions, cantons and emblematic places of Switzerland (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

Federation of 26 Sovereign States named "Cantons" and grouped under the banner of the Swiss Confederation, Switzerland is a very surprising country, with an infinite variety of landscapes, cultures, lands, mentalities and customs. This app reviews the 26 cantons and more than 200 places you have to discover, and helps you understand the country with an overview of its history and of languages ​​and dialects spoken there.

This is an essential guide to prepare a holiday or to find ideas for outings around the country. It features exclusive contents focused at prestigious destinations such as Zermatt, Verbier or Gstaad, but also at lesser-known places worth the visit and sometimes ignored by other guides. Most places feature many photos, sometimes breathtaking, sometimes quite unusual, always imbued with the unique spirit of the place.

For each place you will also find all useful informations (tourist office contact, GPS coordinates, official website, and so on) to help you prepare every detail of your stay.

SwissTrips features not only contents already available on the website, but also unpublished and exclusive contents: a slideshow about Switzerland's "construction", canton after canton, through the centuries, and another slideshow explaining which "indigenous" languages are actually spoken in Switzerland, a reality which is far from the "4 national languages" cliché.

And SwissTrips features a "Focus on Ballenberg" highlighting the Swiss Open-Air Museum, a quite incredible place, with a series of snapshots that will make you really want to visit it!