Do you sometimes dream of Switzerland? SwissDreamz shows you why!

This app is a brand new version of the SwissDreams app published in 2011. Optimized for iOS7 and expanded, it will make you dream of Switzerland even more than the first version!

DreamsGallery: 140 exclusive photos reflecting the soul of the country through spectacular scenery, unusual pictures, unexpected encounters, surprising details.

Unreleased or selected in the vast photo galleries of the cultural and touristic guide, they are displayed here in a different form, carefully recropped and - for iPad users - much larger than on the website.

SwissQuizzes: two multiple-choice questionnaires that will enable you to learn more about Switzerland... or to test your knowledge!

One is based on actual questions asked to those who wish to obtain the Swiss nationality (you can even use it to prepare for the citizenship admission exam!), the other is based on snapshots of famous or unknown points of interest you have to identify (with some pitfalls to add a little spice).

The other sections browse the various areas featured on, display our latest news and cultural suggestions, and so on.