Infopoint Bosco Gurin

CH-6685 Bosco Gurin
Tel. +41 91 759 02 02

The highest inhabited village in Ticino, at 1503 m above sea level, Bosco/Gurin is also the only non-Italian speaking place in the canton. Some inhabitants still speak Gurijnartitsch, a Walser (Alemannic) dialect.

Founded in 1253 by Walser settlers from the Upper Valais, Bosco/Gurin is isolated at the top of a small side valley in the Val Maggia, at the end of a road looking like a Himalayan pass.

It is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. It is a paradise for hiking and mountain tranquillity in summer, but also a well-equipped winter sports resort with 30km of ski runs.

We made a panoramic shooting there on a very cloudy day in September, where the absence of sunshine enhanced the dramatic and picturesque aspects of the place and of the surrounding landscape.

A small but important bit of advice: take the postal bus to get there, when you see the road you'll know you made the right choice...