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Celtic tribes, the Romans and Napoleon's troupes all felt at home in Martigny. These different people left their mark on the town and various archeological sites offer a fascinating glimpse of the early settlements. In addition to its historic dimension, Martigny is also a town of the arts.

Since 1978, the Pierre Gianadda Foundation has been attracting an ever-increasing stream of visitors. Its Gallic-Roman temple, its oldtimer museum and, first and foremost, its choice art exhibitions, featuring world-renowned artists, are a must for every art lover.

Five good reasons to visit Martigny: it is a Gallic-Roman town, the Pierre Gianadda Foundation and its art gallery enjoy a great international reputation, gastronomy is yet another strong point of the town, Martigny is also a favorite site for congresses and fairs, and here, in the heart of the Alps, a great many different sports can be practiced all year long!