Twann / Douanne

Bielersee Tourismus
Am Burgweg
CH-2513 Twann/Douanne
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In the heart of the vineyards on the northern shore of Lake Biel, Twann is a pretty little winegrowing village where it is worth stopping, if only to taste the local vintages.

The northern shore of Lake Biel is rather peculiar: between the vineyards and the lake, there is just room for the railway line and the main road, but by no means for a large motorway. Fortunately, the main road has avoided the villages for many years, which has allowed them to retain their calm and character.

Twann is just a main street with a few lanes connected to it... and hillsides planted with vines. The main road runs just outside, alongside the railway line that runs along the lake shore, but you can easily get out and park towards the station to visit the village.

This is a village where you can eat very well and discover some amazing wines. Vines have been grown for over 1200 years in this area, which benefits from a mild climate and the reverberation of the lake, and many of the estates have been producing wine for generations.

In the whites, there is of course mainly chasselas, the emblematic grape variety of French-speaking Switzerland, but also chardonnay, Müller-Thurgau (riesling x sylvaner), pinot gris, sauvignon blanc and various specialities. In the reds, it is pinot noir that holds the top spot, but if you look hard enough you will find cabernet, merlot and even malbec.

Twann also offers the possibility of beautiful excursions: to the Twannberg and beyond to the Jura summit of Chasseral, and to the island of St-Pierre dear to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, which is actually part of the territory of the municipality of Twann-Tüscherz.