Thurgau Tourismus
Friedrichshafnerstrasse 55a
CH-8590 Romanshorn
Tel. +41 71 531 01 31

South of Lake Constance, nestled between the lake and the foothills of the Alps, the canton of Thurgau is a lovely green area with rivers running through it. Farm villages, small isolated castles, peaceful forests, orchards, vineyards and the lake are the region's main attractions.

A canton of fruit and wine, fortifications and castles. Here you can enjoy a holiday in an unspoilt landscape, far from the tourist crowds. Water sports, cycling, walking, hiking, relaxing and resting: an ideal holiday programme!

Despite its northern location, the canton of Thurgau benefits from the microclimates of Lake Constance and the Rhine, which allows for a 250-hectare vineyard whose wines are highly regarded in German-speaking Switzerland.

Thurgau offers an extensive and well-developed network of cycling and hiking trails and a wide range of accommodation, from first-class hotels to straw huts, camping sites and country houses.

Thurgau's gastronomy has a lot to offer in its well-tended inns and garden restaurants on the shores of Lake Constance and the Rhine, which will delight even the most demanding guests.

Fortifications and castles are also worth a visit, as are the Carthusian monastery in Ittingen and the many museums. The canton of Thurgau is a tourist destination that deserves to be known!