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Solothurn is considered the most beautiful Baroque city in Switzerland.

Situated on the banks of the Aare at the foot of the Jura, Solothurn was from 1530 to 1792 the seat of the French ambassadors, who significantly influenced its architecture. This era imbued the city with its baroque architecture, and the Besenval Palace, Waldegg Castle and several patrician residences remain today the grandiose witnesses of this.

Gates, towers and pediments bear witness to the historical importance of the town of Solothurn, where the Romans erected the Castrum Salodurum, a fortification wall, in the 4th century AD, the remains of which can be seen at Friedhofplatz and in Löwengasse.

The emblem of Solothurn, St. Urs Cathedral dominates the city's image. Its name recalls the legend of two Roman legionaries, Urs and Victor, who were beheaded in Solothurn for their Christian faith. To honour their martyrdom and the miracles associated with it, Urs and Victor became the city's patron saints.

Eleven is the sacred number of Solothurn, which entered the Swiss Confederation as the 11th canton: the city has 11 churches and chapels, 11 historic fountains and 11 towers. St. Urs Cathedral has 11 altars and 11 bells, and its imposing main staircase is divided into sections of 11 steps... Amazing, isn't it?

The old town is a real gem, even if some streets are marred by modern signs that stand out amidst the witnesses of the past. You have to stroll through it with your nose in the air to discover all its treasures, with a diversion to the banks of the Aare where a dolce vita atmosphere reigns...

(partly adapted from information issued by the tourist office)