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The canton of Basel-Landschaft (Basel-Countryside) has a wealth of beautiful scenery and cultural highlights. Classical music concerts, discovering Roman civilisation in Augusta Raurica, cruising on the Rhine and strolling through historic towns are just a few examples of this diversity.

Whether you are exploring the Jura on a hike or going to the canton of Basel-Landschaft for a conference or for business, the region's many special features will make your stay unforgettable.

The accommodation options range from simple guesthouses to fully renovated luxury hotels. The cuisine is innovative and varied.

Liestal, the capital of the canton, is worth a visit with its picturesque old town, but this is not the only asset of the region, which is a paradise for hikers.

Liestal is also the scene of a typical event, the Kienbesenzug, which takes place every year on the Sunday after Ash Wednesday when, in large parts of the canton, bonfires and processions kick off the carnival, the date of which coincides with that of the city of Basel.

The Kienbesenzug, however, is particularly spectacular and is an exclusivity of Liestal: a group of unusually dressed men carry broom-shaped fir-wood torches weighing up to 50kg and march behind a group of drums, fifes and lantern bearers based on the Basel model.