Infostelle Aarberg-Tourismus
Stadtplatz 42
CH-3270 Aarberg
Tel. +41 32 392 60 60

Swiss sugar capital, where sugar beet flows in from all over the country, Aarberg has preserved an old town with a covered wooden bridge, which gives access to a large square where good restaurants cluster.

The post-Gothic castle was probably built in the late 17th century as a residence for bailiffs.

The Reformed church was built in 1484 in a late Gothic style, but its bell tower is from 1529.

The wooden bridge dates from 1566 and is supported on stone piers. It has been partially dry since the construction of the Hagneck Canal, which was dug during the correction of the Jura waters to allow the Aare to flow into Lake Biel.

The sugar refinery was founded in 1912 and every year sugar beet from all over western Switzerland is processed between the end of September and the end of December. The refinery employs 180 people.