Cully Jazz Festival

Place de l'Hôtel-de-Ville 2 - POBox 138
CH-1096 Cully/Lavaux
Tel. +41 21 799 40 40
Fax +41 21 799 45 50

Cully Jazz from the beginning

Out of the dream of some young and passionate people is born one of the biggest jazz festival in Switzerland. Brief portrait.

1983. For 2 days, Cully vibrates at the rythm of the jazz. Only a few musicians came to play but the success was big.

1984. The budget of the festival doubled and a couple of famous local jazzmen performed in the Salle Davel. The public is seduced.

1985. The word "Festival" appears on the poster. The first foreign musicians come and play for four days.

1986. The festival off is born. The organizers, all volunteers, have a new challenge: to make out of Cully a place of meeting for the jazz lovers, for a whole week.

For the next few years, the festival in and off are getting bigger. The festival in is open to all kind of jazz. The Salle Davel can welcome 300 persons and allow trios or solos concert without soundtrack.

The festival off is aiming at an other unique goal: to let everybody come and listen to jazz in different cafes and caveaux in a very casual atmosphere and free of charge.

1st of november 1995. A fire destroys the Salle Davel and forces the festival in to relocate next to the lake. Thanks to the support of the Foundation Lavaux-Cully Jazz, the 14th edition is happening, despite the accident, in march 1996. The concerts for which you have to pay are now taking place under the heated tent. During the same year, the ruins of the Salle Davel became the Urban Jazz Club, the place of the acid-jazz festival. Decorated with taste, the walls hold a unique atmosphere where Djs present the new styles of music. The club also has one restaurant and 2 new bars.

1999. Integration of a second stage in the newly rebuilt Salle Davel. From now on we welcome new creations and acoustic concerts. DJs light up the end of the nights.

2001. Based on a creative and futuristic program, the Salle Davel is renamed "Next Step".

2002. The Cully Jazz Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary. With a budget going over 1 million francs, a voluntary committee board of 11 persons, 200 staff members, a permanent office, more than 10,000 tickets sold every year, more than 42,000 visitors in 9 days, and extensive media coverage, the festival is an inevitable manifestation. It is also the time Emmanuel Gétaz chose to leave and let to the solid team, the mission to pursue the Festival.

2007. The Cully Jazz Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary. A nice age for the most intimate, but one of the biggest, jazz Festivals in Switzerland, who keeps welcoming more visitors every year.