Montreux Museum

Société du Musée de Montreux
Rue de la Gare 40, CP 27
CH-1820 Montreux 3
Tel. +41 21 963 13 53
Fax +41 21 963 13 53


The collection of the History Museum is housed in a 17th century building in the Old Town. Four main themes, relating to the region's development, are dealt with, from the Dawn of History to the Age of Tourism:

  • History, Roman remains, old coins
  • Local artefacts, furniture and items of everyday life
  • Tourism, vigour and expansion of the hotel trade and that of the town
  • Distinguished visitors, biographies and documents concerning their stay in this area.
Open every day from April 1 till October 31, 10-12 a.m. and 2-5 p.m.