Dornacherstrasse 1
CH-4601 Olten
Tel. +41 62 206 11 11

Olten, situated on the River Aare, is the largest city in the canton of Solothurn, but it is much less touristy than the canton's baroque capital. Its great asset is a tiny old town that is well worth a visit.

It is one of the most important railway junctions in Switzerland, ideally situated between Zurich, Basel and Bern, which explains why the city has a few thousand more inhabitants than Solothurn.

It's a city where everyone passes through at some time or other by train, but where few visitors stop.

It is true that when you pass by train, there is nothing to invite you to discover the city. It is a modern city like any other, not really attractive. However, you should take a closer look...

Look for the old wooden bridge over the Aare. On its left bank, you will see a tiny old town that is not lacking in charm.

It's not very big, so you'll quickly get around it, but you won't regret the visit.

In April 2022, we made a small 360° virtual tour of the old town, which gives you a taste of it!