Montreux Volleymasters

Rue de la Gare 39
CH-1820 Montreux

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International Volleyball Tournament in Montreux-Clarens, 2every year in June.

For its 25th anniversary, the Montreux Volley Masters makes a wonderful gift to the spectators: the Olympic Champion, FIVB ranked N°1 team in the world, Brazil, will be back on the Swiss Rivera after two year’s absence! The return of the staggering South-Americans will no doubt generate incredible plays. On the occasion of their last two appearances in Montreux, the “Oriverde” had nothing but won the tournament, two years in a row. In Beijing, they proved to be in such a good shape that they were almost “undefeatable”. Furthermore, four out of the five best teams in the world will also attend the event in Montreux from June 9th to 14th, 2009. The remaining four teams also belong to the world elite.

In 2009. the Montreux Volley Masters will return to its traditional and long-appreciated formula with 8 teams divided in two preliminary pools followed by semi-finals (Saturday) and finals (Sunday) during the weekend. With 6 of the 10 top FIVB ranked teams and two very attractive teams among the 15 top, the level of play will be higher as ever. The qualification games will be played from Tuesday to Friday (at 16h30, 18h30 and 21h), Saturday being dedicated to semi-finals and Sunday to final games.