Adelboden Tourismus
Dorfstrasse 23
CH-3715 Adelboden
+41 33 673 80 80

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Adelboden is a traditional Swiss mountain village on a terrace looking south to the Engstligen waterfalls. A hiking and winter sports paradise: 200 km of hiking trails in summer, from family walks to alpine routes, and in winter ski runs and cross-country ski trails.

Aletsch Glacier

Aletsch Arena
Furkastrasse 39
CH-3983 Mörel-Filet
+41 27 928 58 58

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The Aletsch Glacier (in German Aletschgletscher) is the largest glacier in the Alps, with a length of about 23 km and a surface of more than 120 sq km. It is situated in the Eastern Alps of the canton of Valais.


Altdorf Tourismus - Tellspielhaus
Schützengasse 11
CH-6460 Altdorf
+41 41 874 80 00

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Altdorf, capital of Canton Uri, is situated in the lower Reuss Valley, south of Lake Lucerne, on the road to Gotthard Pass. It's where the legend of Wilhelm Tell, Switzerland's national hero, was born.


Andermatt-Urserntal Tourismus
Gotthardstrasse 2
CH-6490 Andermatt
+41 41 888 71 00

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Located in the Urseren Valley, on the Gothard road, and surrounded by high Alpine passes, Andermatt is a crossroads between North (Central Switzerland) and South (Ticino and Italy) as well as between East (Graubünden) and West (Bern and Valais).


Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus
Haus des Gastes - Promenade 41
CH-3780 Gstaad
+41 33 748 81 81

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1,542 m (5,059 ft) above the sea, a beautiful area for easy hikes around the lake as well as for mountain treks. Mountain restaurant with terrace and lake view. Toll road (CHF5.00) from Feutersoey above Gstaad, open usually mid-May till end of October.


Musée suisse de l'habitat rural
Museumsstrasse 131
CH-3858 Hofstetten
+41 33 952 10 40

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A stroll through the past: more than one hundred century-old buildings from all over Switzerland, 250 farmyard animals, traditional gardens and fields, local crafts and special events for a vivid impression of Swiss rural life in days gone by.


Naturpark Thal
Hölzlistrasse 57
CH-4710 Balsthal
+41 62 386 12 30

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Balsthal, at the exit of the Klus gorge linking Oensingen to the Solothurn Jura, is the gateway to the Thal Nature Reserve, an area ideal for hiking, just a few km away from the urbanized areas stretching along the foot of the Jura mountain range.


Tourismus Beckenried-Klewenalp
Seestrasse 1
CH-6375 Beckenried
+41 41 620 31 70

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The village of Beckenried (436 m above sea level) lies on the southern shore of Lake Lucerne, at the foot of Klewenalp, with a view of the famous Mount Rigi on the other side of the lake.


Tourist Information
Bahnhofplatz 10a
CH-3011 Bern
+41 31 328 12 12

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Capital of Switzerland, a modern city with a picturesque old town enclosed within a meander of the Aare river. It is in Bern that the German physicist Albert Einstein developed his theory of relativity.


Aletsch Arena AG
Furkastrasse 39
CH-3983 Mörel-Filet
+41 27 928 58 58

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Clinging to the mountain slopes above the upper Rhone Valley, Bettmeralp is a car-free village, just like Saas Fee and Zermatt. You can get there by cable car... or on foot!

Biel / Bienne

Marketing de la Ville de Bienne
Rue Centrale 60
CH-2501 Bienne
+41 32 326 13 21

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The biggest bilingual town of Switzerland, headquarter of the Swatch Group and manufacturer of the Rolex watch movements, lies on the shore of Lake Biel, at the foot of the Jura mountain range.


Brienz Tourismus
Hauptstrasse 148
CH-3855 Brienz
+41 33 952 80 80

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This picturesque village lies on the eastern, upper shore of the turquoise-hued Lake Brienz. It is famous for its romantic cobblestone-paved Brunngasse and a longstanding wood carving tradition.

Brig / Brigue

Brig Belalp Tourismus
Bahnhofplatz 1
CH-3900 Brig
+41 27 921 60 30

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Brig (in French Brigue) is the last town at the upper end of Valais, where very important railway lines meet, mainly the Geneva-Milano and the Bern-Lötschberg-Simplon lines.


Brunnen Tourismus
Bahnhofstrasse 15
CH-6440 Brunnen
+41 41 825 00 40

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A little town on the shore of Lake Lucerne, on the Gotthard railway line. Winston Churchill spent his honeymoon here, and Turner painted several views from Brunnen in the 1840s. A quite beautiful place!


Tourist Office
Bahnhofstrasse 44
CH-3400 Burgdorf
+41 58 327 50 92

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This little town is the gate to the Emmental valley, production area of one of the most famous cheese of Switzerland. Overlooked by a picturesque medieval castle, its old city is really worth the visit.

Büren an der Aare

Büren Tourismus
Hauptgasse 10 - Rathaus
CH-3294 Büren an der Aare
+41 32 351 27 07

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A medieval town dating back to the 13th century, Büren an der Aare is located as its name suggests along the Aare, in the navigable part of the river, between Biel and Solothurn. Beautiful old town and covered wooden bridge, rebuilt in the old style after an arson in 1989.

Cerlier / Erlach

CH-3235 Erlach
+41 32 338 11 11

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Erlach (Cerlier, in French) is located on Lake Biel (lac de Bienne) at the end of the long tail of St Peters Island (Ile St-Pierre - St. Petersinsel). A very nice village surrounded by vineyards and an ideal starting point for a hike on the island.

Douanne / Twann

Moos 11
CH-2513 Twann/Douanne
+41 32 315 03 30

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A beautiful winegrowers village on Bielersee (Lake of Biel/Bienne), one of the three lakes at the foot of the Jura mountain range. Nice stopover to taste te wines!


Einsiedeln Tourismus
Hauptstrasse 85
CH-8840 Einsiedeln
+41 55 418 44 88

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Einsiedeln, in the canton of Schwyz (Central Switzerland), is known for its beautiful monastery, the Benedictine Einsiedeln Abbey, and is the birthplace of Paracelsus, the famous Renaissance physician and alchemist.


Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus
Klosterstrasse 3
CH-6390 Engelberg
+41 41 639 77 77

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Canton Obwalden exclave surrounded by the cantons of Bern, Nidwalden and Uri, Engelberg is the leading mountain resort in Central Switzerland, situated in the Urner Alps. During the Middle Ages, the village was renowned for the educational accomplishments of its Benedictine monastery, the beautiful Engelberg Abbey.


Eggishorn Tourismus
Furkastrasse 44
CH-3984 Fiesch
+41 27 970 60 70

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In the Goms Valley, at the foot of Eggishorn, a peak overlooking Aletschgletscher. Goms Valley stretches from Brig to 3 alpine passes connecting Wallis (Valais) to Tessin (Nufenen), Bern (Grimsel) and Uri (Furka). Great area for summer hikes and winter sports.


Fribourg Tourisme et Région
Place Jean-Tinguely 1 - Case postale 1120
CH-1701 Fribourg
+41 26 350 11 11

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Capital of the eponymous canton, Fribourg is a bilingual city, as it is located just at the border between French-speaking and Alemannic-speaking areas of Switzerland. Perched on the banks of the Sarine River, its medieval old town is quite picturesque and you won't be disappointed by the visit!


Frutigen Tourismus
Dorfstrasse 18
CH-3714 Frutigen
+41 33 671 14 21

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It's in Frutigen you'll see the northern portal of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel, currently the world's longest land tunnel. Its geothermal energy powers a tropical greenhouse producing exotic fruits, sturgeon meat and caviar!


Furka Railway Association postal address: Verein Furka-Bergstrecke
Steinacherstr. 6
CH-8910 Affoltern a/A
+41 848 000 144

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The Furka Pass, 2429 m over sea level, is a high mountain pass in the Swiss Alps, connecting the Goms Valley (Valais/Wallis), to Andermatt (Uri, Central Switzerland), along the Rhône Glacier. Scenes of Goldfinger, with Sean Connery as James Bond, were shot here.


Brienz Tourismus
Hauptstrasse 148
CH-3855 Brienz
+41 33 952 80 80

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An incredible cascade near Brienz, in the Bernese Oberland, in a fairytale setting. Saved by the Swiss ecologist Franz Weber, it's a really beautiful place for a small hike in the forest and in the park of a historic hotel.


Gemeinde Glarus
Gemeindehausplatz 5
CH-8750 Glarus
+41 58 611 81 11

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Glarus, capital of the eponymous canton, is situated in the Linth Valley, at the foot of the Glärnisch Peak of the Glarus Alps. Destroyed by fire in 1861, it has been rebuilt in a checkerboard fashion and very few ancient buildings remain nowadays, but the mountain setting is quite beautiful.


Office de tourisme de Zermatt
Bahnhofplatz 5
CH-3920 Zermatt
+41 27 966 81 00

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The Gornergrat is, together with the Matterhorn, the big star of Zermatt. It is a summit ridge at 3133 m altitude offering breathtaking views of the glaciers and the highest peaks of the Alps.


St. Gotthard Hospice
Postal address: Albergo San Gottardo Ospizio
CH-6780 Airolo
+41 91 869 12 35

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At 2108 m above sea level, this famous high mountain pass between Airolo (Ticino) and Göschenen (Uri) connects Central Switzerland with Ticino, on the route leading from Germany to Italy across Switzerland and the Alps. A beautiful journey through Alpine landscapes.


Haslital Tourismus
Bahnhofplatz 12
CH-3860 Meiringen
+41 33 972 51 51

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The Grimsel is a Swiss high mountain pass, 2,165 m above sea level, connecting the Haslital (upper valley of the Aar river, in Bernese Highland) to the Rhone Valley, in Valais. It is situated near the source of the Rhone River.

Grütli - Rütli

Lisbeth and Edy Truttmann-Christen
Restaurant Rütlihaus
CH-6441 Rütli
+41 41 820 12 74

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The Rütli (French: Grütli) is the most mythical meadow in Switzerland. It is located in a difficult-to-reach spot on the steep shores of Lake Lucerne, just below the village of Seelisberg.


Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus - Haus des Gastes
Promenade 41
CH-3780 Gstaad
+41 33 748 82 82

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Gstaad is located in the south-west of Switzerland, right on the border with the French-speaking part of the country. It is one of the most famous touristic destinations of Switzerland, in winter as well as in summer.

Gsteig bei Gstaad

Kathrin Hauswirth
Chalet Oldenhorn
CH-3785 Gsteig
+41 33 755 81 81

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The village of Gsteig, protected as a Cultural Heritage, lies above Gstaad in the valley of the Saane, on the road to Pillon Pass leading to Les Diablerets, surrounded by the Diablerets mountain range and the Sanetsch region.

Hohle Gasse

Stiftung für Erhaltung des Hohle Gasse
Bahnhofstrasse 15 - Postfach 1230
CH-6431 Schwyz
+41 41 819 24 95

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According to the legend, it's the old path where William Tell took vengeance on the Habsburg Emperor’s bailiff Gessler, killing him with a crossbow's bolt. A shady hollow track in the forest, leading to a chapel. Beautiful and mysterious.


Interlaken Tourismus
Höheweg 37
CH-3800 Interlaken
+41 33 826 53 00

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A holiday resort rich in tradition, in the heart of the Swiss Prealps, between the Lakes of Thun and Brienz and North of three famous peaks, the Eiger, the Mönch, and the Jungfrau. A starting point for many hikes in a most breathtaking landscape.


Tourismusbüro Jaun
Hauptstrasse 381
CH-1656 Jaun
+41 26 929 81 81

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Jaun is situated high in Gruyère (canton of Fribourg), on the road to Jaun Pass connecting the area to the Simmental (canton of Bern). It's the only German-speaking area of Gruyère.


Tourismusbüro Boltigen-Jaunpass
Reidenbach 296
CH-3766 Boltigen
+41 33 773 69 19

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1509 m over sea level, the Jaun Pass connects the German-speaking village of Jaun, in Gruyère (Fribourg Prealps), to the village of Reidenbach, in Simmental (Simme River Valley, Berne Prealps).


Kandersteg Tourismus
Äussere Dorfstrasse 26
CH-3718 Kandersteg
+41 33 675 80 80

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Situated along the valley of the Kander River, west of the Jungfrau area, Kandersteg is famous for its spectacular alpine landscapes. All year round, it's a mecca for hiking and mountain climbing as well as, in winter, for downhill and cross-country skiing.

Küssnacht am Rigi

HohlgassLand Tourismus
Unterdorf 6
CH-6403 Küssnacht am Rigi
+41 41 850 33 30

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Situated at the end of the Küssnachtersee, northeastern arm of the convoluted Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee), Küssnacht am Rigi has a beautiful lakeshore promenade and is an ideal starting point to discover Central Switzerland.


Reisezentrum Kandersteg
Bahnhof (Railway Station)
CH-3718 Kandersteg
+41 58 327 41 14

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Many mountain passes connect north and south of the Alps, but most are not accessible by car. Loetschberg Tunnel car shuttle train, between Kandersteg and Goppenstein, is the only connection open all year long between Bern and Valais.


Tourismus Region Laupen - Gemeindeverwaltung Laupen
Neuengasse 4 - Postfach 63
CH-3177 Laupen
+41 31 990 60 60

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A proud medieval castle, that can be visited and even rented, an old town full of charm... Close to the canton of Fribourg, where the Sense river flowing from the Prealps flows into the Aare river, the little Bernese city of Laupen is full of nice surprises to those who dare to take the small roads of Switzerland...


Lenk-Simmental Tourismus
Rawilstrasse 3
CH-3775 Lenk
+41 33 736 35 35

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High in the Simmental Valley, at the foot of the Wildstrübel massif, lies the village of Lenk, a nice winter sports and summer hikes destination. A paradise for families and nature lovers!


Luzern Tourismus
Bahnhofstrasse 3
CH-6002 Luzern
+41 41 227 17 17

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Lucerne is a world-famous tourist destination. Apart from famous sights such as the Chapel Bridge, the Water Tower and the Lion Monument, the local scenery never fails to attract tourists. Lake Lucerne is surrounded by mountain peaks like Pilatus, Rigi or Titlis, all of which are easily accessible by steamer and/or rail.

Magdalena Hermitage

Pfarrei Düdingen
Postal address: Duensstrasse 2
CH-3186 Düdingen
+41 26 492 96 20

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What a strange place! An ancient troglodyte hermitage, dug during the 17th century in a sandstone cliff overlooking the Sarine River, near Düdingen, in the Canton of Fribourg. You won't believe your own eyes!


Marbach Tourismus
Dorfstrasse 61
CH-6196 Marbach
+41 34 493 38 04

More info about Marbach...


Some secrets of Switzerland are far from the highways: the village of Marbach, with its impressive church, is situated on the beautiful little road connecting the southern areas of two beautiful regions, the Entlebuch in Canton of Luzern and the Emmental in Canton of Bern.


Office de tourisme de Zermatt
Bahnhofplatz 5
CH-3920 Zermatt
+41 27 966 81 00

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Matterhorn... or, in French, Cervin... The most mythical summit of Switzerland, or even Europe! South of Zermatt, on the border between Switzerland and Italy, peaking at 4,478 m (14,691 ft) above the sea.


Tourist Information Meiringen
Bahnhofplatz 12
CH-3860 Meiringen
+41 33 972 50 50

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Deep in the Bernese Oberland, at the foot of 3 Alpine passes, the village near the Reichenbach waterfall where, according to Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes won his last battle against the devilish Dr Moriarty.

Murten / Morat

Morat Tourisme
Franz. Kirchgasse 6 - Postfach 210
CH-3280 Morat
+41 26 670 51 12

More info about Murten / Morat...



One of the most beautiful medieval towns of Switzerland, on the shores of Murtensee (Lake of Morat), in front of the Mount Vully vineyards. A place you definitely have to visit!


Aletsch Arena
Furkastrasse 39
CH-3983 Mörel-Filet
+41 27 928 58 58

More info about Mörel...


Situated in the upper Rhone Valley, 10 km north-east of Brig, the small village of Mörel is the departure point for the cable cars to Riederalp and the Hohfluh and Moosfluh viewpoints on the Aletsch Glacier.


Railway Headquarters: Railcenter Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn
Bahnhofplatz 7
CH-3900 Brig
+41 27 927 70 00

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Oberalp Pass, in the Swiss Alps, is the high mountain pass (2046m over sea level) connecting the cantons of Uri (Central Switzerland) and Graubünden (Southeastern Switzerland) between Andermatt and Disentis.


Einwohnergemeinde Oensingen
Hauptstrasse 2
CH-4702 Oensingen
+41 62 388 05 00

More info about Oensingen...


Located halfway between Olten and Solothurn, and dominated by the castle of Neu Bechburg, Oensingen is the small town, very industrialized, at the mouth of the Klus gorge that provides access to Balsthal and to the Thal Nature Reserve, one of the jewels of the Solothurn Jura.


Gondelbahn Oeschinensee
CH-3718 Kandersteg
+41 33 675 11 18

More info about Oeschinensee...



An alpine lake above Kandersteg, in the Bernese Oberland. A fishing spot where you'll find arctic char, lake trout and rainbow trout. A family hike too, as you can go there with a gondola lift from Kandersteg, then with a 20-minute walk.


Gemeindeverwaltung Saanen
Schönriedstrasse 8
CH-3792 Saanen
+41 33 748 92 10

More info about Saanen...



When crossing the linguistic border, the Pays-d'Enhaut valley changes name and becomes the Saanenland (or Gessenay in French). The village of Saanen is the capital of this area and - believe it or not - nearby Gstaad is just a village among others in the Township of Saanen!


Service-Center Saas-Almagell
CH-3905 Saas-Almagell
+41 27 958 18 88

More info about Saas-Almagell...


Saas-Almagell is the last of the three villages lined up along the Saastal, the valley above which the famous destination of Saas Fee is perched.


Tourismusbüro Saas-Balen
CH-3908 Saas-Balen
+41 27 957 24 56

More info about Saas-Balen...


Saas-Balen is the first of the three villages lined up along the Saastal, the valley above which the famous destination of Saas Fee is perched.


Saas-Fee/Saastal Tourismus
Obere Dorfstrasse 2
CH-3906 Saas-Fee
+41 27 958 18 58

More info about Saas-Fee...



High above the Saastal, Saas Fee is like Zermatt a village without cars, at the foot of 13 mountains over 4,000 m above sea level.


Infocenter Hohsaas
Seilbahnstrasse 18
CH-3910 Saas-Grund
+41 27 958 18 55

More info about Saas-Grund...



When driving from Visp towards Zermatt, in Stalden the alpine valley divides in two: the right branch is the Mattertal, climbing to Zermatt and the Matterhorn, and the left branch is the Saastal, nicknamed Free Republic of Holidays.

Salgesch / Salquenen

Gemeindeverwaltung Salgesch
Kirchstrasse 6
CH-3970 Salgesch/Salquenen
+41 27 452 21 31

More info about Salgesch / Salquenen...



Situated at the linguistic border of Valais/Wallis, just East of Sierre and Pfyn Forest, Salquenen, or Salgesch in German, is a winegrowers village where you'll find some of the best Swiss wines. Really.


Sarnen Tourismus
Hofstrasse 2
CH-6060 Sarnen
+41 41 666 50 40

More info about Sarnen...



A family and nature lovers hiking and ski paradise near the city of Lucerne, in Central Switzerland. The little city of Sarnen is close to crystal clear lakes, flowering alpine meadows, refreshing waterfalls, and historic sites in a sunny region.


Schwyz Tourismus
Bahnhofstrasse 4 - Postfach 655
CH-6431 Schwyz
+41 41 855 59 50

More info about Schwyz...



At the foot of the two Mythen Peaks, tranquillity, tradition and innovation characterize Schwyz, the village that gave its name to Switzerland. Rich in historic buildings, the village center features a big place considered as one of the most beautiful of Switzerland.


Sempachersee Tourismus
Centralstrasse 9
CH-6210 Sursee
+41 41 920 44 44

More info about Sempach...



A little town situated at the southeastern end of Lake Sempach, in Canton Luzern. Here, the St. Jakob Chapel and the Winkelried stone remind the Confederate victory at the Battle of Sempach in 1386, one of the main historical steps leading to Swiss independence.


Solothurn Tourismus
Hauptgasse 69
CH-4500 Solothurn
+41 32 626 46 46

More info about Solothurn...



Solothurn is renowned as the most beautiful baroque town of Switzerland. Situated on the Aar river, 20km East of Biel-Bienne, at the foot of the Jura summit named Weissenstein, its old town is really wonderful.


Spiez Tourismus
Bahnhof - Postfach 357
CH-3700 Spiez
+41 33 655 90 00

More info about Spiez...



Nestled between hills and vineyards, dominated by a magnificent castle, a little town set in a beautiful landscape. Above Lake Thun, the Niederhorn mountain range stretches as far as the Bernese Alps and forms an impressive panorama.


Tourismus Stans
Bahnhofplatz 4
CH-6370 Stans
+41 41 610 88 33

More info about Stans...



Capital of Canton Nidwalden, Stans is the city where you'll see a memorial commemorating the heroic (but legendary) death of Arnold von Winkelried during the Battle of Sempach in 1386.


Sempachersee Tourismus
Centralstrasse 9
CH-6210 Sursee
+41 41 920 44 44

More info about Sursee...



A little city in the canton of Lucerne, located at the northern end of Lake Sempach, with a beautifully preserved old town which was awarded the Swiss Heritage Protection Society's Wakker Prize in 2003.


Sisikon Tourismus
Bahnhofstrasse 8
CH-6452 Sisikon
+41 41 820 30 00

More info about Tellskapelle...



At Tellsplatte, 3 kilometers south of Sisikon, the place where, according to the legend, William Tell jumped overboard during a storm, when transferred by boat to the bailiff Gessler's jail. An easy walk in a beautiful landscape to Tell's Chapel, with nearby the biggest glockenspiel in Switzerland (38 bells playing 20 melodies).


Thun Tourismus
Bahnhof - Postfach 2582
CH-3601 Thun
+41 33 225 90 00

More info about Thun...



At the lower end of Lake Thun, the gate to Bernese Oberland. The old town is situated about one kilometer from the lakeshore, on the river Aare, dominated by a beautiful 12th century castle hosting a history museum.

Viège / Visp

Tourist Info Visp
Bahnhofstrasse 10
CH-3930 Visp
+41 27 946 18 18

More info about Viège / Visp...


Visp (in French Viège) is a town in the German-speaking part of Valais, at the lower end of the Mattertal and Saastal valleys climbing to Zermatt and Saas Fee.


Gemeinde Wiedlisbach
Hinterstädtli 13
CH-4537 Wiedlisbach
+41 32 636 27 26

More info about Wiedlisbach...


Once a small fortified city organized around a central square, Wiedlisbach was subsequently divided into two sets of streets and an old tower, vestige of the ancient fortifications: the Städtli, main street, and the charming Hinterstädtli.


Office de tourisme de Zermatt
Bahnhofplatz 5
CH-3920 Zermatt
+41 27 966 81 00

More info about Zermatt...



Probably the best known Swiss place in the whole world: situated at the foot of the Matterhorn (Cervin), the most picturesque mountain of Europe, it is an ideal starting point to discover the highest peaks of the Alps, some 4,000 m above sea level.


Zug Tourismus - Reisezentrum Zug
CH-6304 Zug
+41 41 723 68 00

More info about Zug...



Zug is world-renowned as a fiscal paradise because of its low tax policy (and therefore is headquarters for many multinational enterprises), but in Switzerland the town is above all famous for its kirsch, the local cherry spirit, an essential additive to the Swiss cheese fondue.


Zweisimmen Tourismus
Thunstrasse 8
CH-3770 Zweisimmen
+41 33 722 11 33

More info about Zweisimmen...



In summer, Zweisimmen offers you no less than 200 km of hiking trails... In winter, a cable car runs directly from the town center to a snow paradise offering 22 ski lifts and 124 km of groomed slopes in all degrees of difficulty.

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