Administration communale

CH-1165 Allaman
+41 21 807 34 56

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A charming village on La Côte, just south of Aubonne. The castle is transformed in residencies and cannot be visited, and the houses of the village are decorated with great taste and amazing surprises.


Greffe municipal
Place du Marché 12
CH-1170 Aubonne
+41 21 821 51 00

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A beautiful little town on a hill of La Côte area, between Morges and Nyon. Alexandre Yersin, the bacteriologist who discovered the bubonic plague bacillus, was born here.


Commune de Bursins
Place du Soleil 1
CH-1183 Bursins
+41 21 824 14 53

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The winegrowers village of Bursins, near Nyon, is part of the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites. The Church of Saint-Martin, a former Clunisian Priory, is listed as a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

Divonne-les-Bains (F)

Office de Tourisme de Divonne-les-Bains
4, rue des Bains - BP 90
F-01220 Divonne-les-Bains
+33 4 50 20 01 22

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A spa town in Pays de Gex (France), near the border of Switzerland. It's a premium tourist destination (nautical center, hippodrome, thermal spa, casino, golf, and more).


Administration communale
Place du Saugey 11
CH-1173 Féchy
+41 21 821 12 40

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A charming winegrowers village in the heart of La Côte, producing one of the most famous white wines of Switzerland.


Office du Tourisme de Genève
Rue du Mont-Blanc 18 (POBox 1602, 1211 Genève 1)
CH-1201 Genève
+41 22 909 70 00

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Situated at the Western end of Lake Léman (Lake of Geneva), it's the most international of all Swiss towns, and a gate to Switzerland thanks to its international airport Geneva-Cointrin.

Gex (F)

Office de Tourisme Pays de Gex-la Faucille
Square Jean Clerc
F-01170 Gex
+33 450 41 53 85

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Between Jura Mountains and Lake Geneva, 600 m above the sea, Gex is a balcony facing the Mont Blanc. At the foot of the Faucille mountain pass, it is the gate to Haut Jura Natural Park and a beautiful region for hikes in the forest.


Office du Tourisme
Rue du Château - CP 368
CH-1110 Morges
+41 21 801 32 33

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A flowered town on the shores of blue Lake Geneva, facing Mont-Blanc, with a beautiful countryside, excellent wines and an impressive castle.


Nyon Région Tourisme
Avenue Viollier 8 - POBox 1288
CH-1260 Nyon 1
+41 22 365 66 00

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Halfway between Geneva and Lausanne, on the shores of Lake Geneva and facing the Mont-Blanc, Nyon is set in a region which offers many possibilities for outdoor activities, relaxation, and cultural activities.


Office du Tourisme

CH-1180 Rolle
+41 21 825 15 35

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A little town on the northwestern shore of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) between Nyon and Lausanne, place of birth of Frédéric-César de la Harpe (1754–1838), one of the main actors of the independence of the Canton of Vaud from the Bernese.


Office du tourisme
Place de l'Horloge - Case postale 184
CH-1162 St-Prex
+41 21 806 50 26

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The old town of St-Prex forms a peninsula extending on the north shore of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) and was awarded in 1973 the Wakker Prize for the development and preservation of its architectural heritage.


Administration communale
Place du Village 2
CH-1134 Vufflens-le-Château
+41 21 804 60 30

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The Castle of Vufflens, a few km from Morges, looks like a fairy tale castle. Unfortunately it is a private property that can't be visited but it is a good reason to explore the countryside above Morges, from the shores of Lake Geneva to the summits of the Jura!

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