Biel / Bienne

Marketing de la Ville de Bienne
Rue Centrale 60
CH-2501 Bienne
+41 32 326 13 21

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The biggest bilingual town of Switzerland, headquarter of the Swatch Group and manufacturer of the Rolex watch movements, lies on the shore of Lake Biel, at the foot of the Jura mountain range.


Parc régional Chasseral
Place de la Gare 2 - Case Postale 219
CH-2610 Saint-Imier
+41 32 942 39 49

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1,607 m above sea level, one of the highest summits of the Jura Mountains. Overlooking Lake Biel (Bielerseee), it is a wonderful starting point for hikes in a preserved environment, with breathtaking views of the Jura mountain range, the lake and, way south, the snow-covered majestic Alps.

Douanne / Twann

Moos 11
CH-2513 Twann/Douanne
+41 32 315 03 30

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A beautiful winegrowers village on Bielersee (Lake of Biel/Bienne), one of the three lakes at the foot of the Jura mountain range. Nice stopover to taste te wines!


Funiculaire Saint-Imier-Mont-Soleil
Rue des Roches 31 - Case postale
CH-2610 Saint-Imier
+41 32 941 25 53

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Mont-Soleil (Sun Mountain), just north of the little town of Saint-Imier, could be nicknamed Windy Mountain too: on this nice Jura summit, you'll see many wind turbines and solar cells. It's the most important r&d power plant of Switzerland for photovoltaic and eolian energy production.


Ville de Saint-Imier
Rue Agassiz 4 - Case postale 301
CH-2610 Saint-Imier
+41 32 942 44 24

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A town in the Jura bernois (French-speaking part of Canton of Bern), in a valley between Chasseral and Mont-Soleil mountains. It's the hometown of the Longines watches, and the Breitling watchmaking company was founded there too. A very nice starting point for many hikes in the Jura mountains!

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