To have no concept is a concept. In music, like elsewhere, but this happens to be my
field, one can approach this idea only by trying everything possible : styles, rhythms,
pitches, colors, ranges, order, disorder, timbers... whatsoever, although it is clear there is
no way to master even a tiny part of that.
Therefore Platine Heidelberg is nothing but a terminology. A combo name if you prefer,
which is supposed to represent that. And for now - in my mind - jazz the only music/style/word
that seems to fit the best this idea.
A freedom perfume. (MG)

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FORMER Platine Heidelberg members: Martin Chabloz, Steve Lantner, Daniel Perrin, Blaise Mettraux (keyboards), Antoine Chessex, Laurent Weber, Jody Espina, Antoine Auberson, Charles Schneider (saxes),Pierangelo Crescenzio, Alex Ruchti, Wilbur Wright (basses), Daniel Genton (perc, drums), Nicolas Meyer, Gaëtan Fama +, Peter Gregory, David Douglas (tpt ), PhilippeCornaz (vibes), Pascal Auberson, Dany Siegert (vocal)