CH-5000 Aarau
Hintere Vorstadt 5
Contact: +41 62 823 00 73

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Canton of Aargau is very attractive to nature, art and culture lovers, families and all those who enjoy life. Many rivers criss-cross it: the Rhine, the Aare, the Limmat, the Reuss, and there is also the beautiful Lake Hallwil. Lots to see: castles, fortresses, thermal spas, vineyards, forests, and quiet valleys. Aargau is an ideal gateway to various Swiss cities, such as Basel, Berne, Solothurn, Luzern, Zug, and Zürich.

Appenzell AI

CH-9050 Appenzell

Contact: +41 71 788 96 41

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Located amidst a landscape of gently rolling hills at the foot of the impressive Alpstein mountains, the Appenzellerland, boasting the picturesque main town of Appenzell and its famous main street, is a holiday destination that offers many options to enjoy a perfect getaway in all seasons.

Appenzell AR

CH-9410 Heiden
Bahnhofstrasse 2
Contact: +41 71 898 33 00

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As its twin canton Appenzell Innerrhoden, Appenzell Ausserrhoden is totally enclosed in the canton of St. Gallen... Strange, isn´t it? And both twins are the land of one of the best-kept Swiss secrets: the spicy Appenzeller cheese, hand-made since more than 7 centuries!


CH-4410 Liestal
Altmarktstrasse 96
Contact: +41 61 927 65 44

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The canton Basel-Country is rich in natural beauty and cultural highlights. Classical concerts, traces of the Romans, a boat trip on the Rhine or a shopping expedition in one of our historical towns are only a few of the things we can recommend to show you that there is much to discover in the Basel-Country.


CH-4010 Basel
Aeschenvorstadt 36
Contact: +41 61 268 68 68

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Describing Basel in one word is far from simple. Labels such as Cultural Capital of Switzerland or University City can only be seen as an attempt to give the city, with its wealth of cultural, historical, leisure and enjoyment experiences, a single overarching name.


CH-3005 Bern
Thunstrasse 8
Contact: +41 31 300 33 00

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Stretching from the Jura mountains to the Alps, Bern is the second largest of the 26 Swiss cantons by both surface area and population. Located in west-central Switzerland, it borders the cantons of Jura and Solothurn to the north, Neuchâtel, Fribourg and Vaud to the west, Valais to the south, and Uri, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Lucerne and Aargau to the east.


CH-1701 Fribourg
Route de la Glâne 107 - CP 1560
Contact: +41 26 407 70 20

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Somewhat a world turned upside down: cold, limestone summits in the south and mild, even Mediterranean-like lakesides in the north. Here, two languages coexist and three very distinct regions overlap: the Prealps, with a mix of tradition and modernity and the famous Gruyère Country, Fribourg and Romont between north and south, and the Mediterranean mildness of the medieval cities of Murten and Estavayer-le-Lac, in the Three-Lakes area.


CH-1211 Genève 1
Rue du Mont-Blanc 18 - CP 1602
Contact: +41 22 909 70 00

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Gate to Switzerland with its intercontinental airport, Geneva is an international town worth the visit, and in the countryside you will taste great wines! And do not forget to see the lakefront with its water fountain and its flower clock, Saint Peter Cathedral, the Reformation Wall, the Place Neuve, the United Nations Building, the Place du Bourg-de-Four (old town) and the little city of Carouge.


CH-8867 Niederurnen
Raststätte A3
Contact: +41 55 610 21 25

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The city of Glarus, smallest canton capital of Switzerland, nestles between mountains at the foot of the Glärnisch ridge. This mountainous canton is a region where walkers, mountain climbers, cyclists and amateur geologists will discover plenty of interesting excursions and many ancient traditions.


CH-7001 Chur
Alexanderstrasse 24
Contact: +41 81 254 24 24

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Graubünden, south-east of Switzerland, is the only trilingual canton. In addition to German and Italian, the Romansh language and culture is an important part of the Graubünden´s character, which also boasts a beautiful countryside and tourist attractions: 615 lakes, more than 900 mountain tops and 150 valleys, in a typical mountain setting.


CH-2350 Saignelégier
Rue de la Gruère 6
Contact: +41 32 432 41 60

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Newest of the Swiss cantons, located in the northwestern part of Switzerland, the Canton of Jura was created only in 1979. Until then, it was part of the Canton of Bern, even if it is a French-speaking area. A long struggle for independence started after WW II and led to the creation of the 26th Swiss canton. Situated at the French border, it is a great place for nature lovers.


CH-6003 Luzern
Zentralstrasse 5
Contact: +41 41 227 17 17

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One of the most famous tourist destinations of Switzerland, this canton is located in the centre of the country, on the northern foothills of the Swiss Alps. The town of Lucerne, with its incredible wooden bridges, lies on the shores of the picturesque Vierwaldstättersee (Lake of the Four-Cantons) and is a starting point for hikes to summits like the Pilatus and the Rigi with their breathtaking panoramic views on the Alps, the lakes and the Swiss Mittelland through to Germany and France.


CH-2001 Neuchâtel
Hôtel des Postes - CP 3176
Contact: +41 32 889 68 90

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Three worlds in one: the aristocratic town of Neuchâtel on the shores of the lake, surrounded by vineyards, the factory town of La Chaux-de-Fonds in the mountains, famous for its workers struggles, and the pleasant valleys of the Jura mountains, cradle of the green fairy (absinthe) distillation, and hikers paradise...


CH-6371 Stans
Bahnhofplatz 4
Contact: +41 41 610 88 33

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With Lake Lucerne and the mountains within easy reach, leisure and recreational activities of all kinds are a year-round reality in Nidwalden. The lakeside municipalities offer a whole range of water sports, and cableways and railways provide direct access to the Pre-Alps. Destinations are quick and easy to reach for both holidayers and day trippers.


CH-6060 Sarnen
Bahnhofplatz 1
Contact: +41 41 666 50 40

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A canton where you will discover crystal clear lakes, flowering alpine meadows, refreshing waterfalls, historic and religious sites. Ideal for long walks and mountain hikes, bicycle trails, swimming fun and wellness, culture and tradition.

Sankt Gallen

CH-9001 St. Gallen
Bankgasse 9
Contact: +41 71 227 37 37

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The Canton of St. Gallen is an undulating foothill landscape, with the imposing Säntis mountain and the Alpstein range as a backdrop. The town of St. Gallen is a genuine must and the shores of Lake Constance (Bodensee) provide outdoor swimming opportunities, water sports and exciting museums. The rural area is a marvellous hiking and biking region, with lake and mountain panoramas always in view.


CH-8201 Schaffhausen
Herrenacker 15
Contact: +41 52 632 40 20

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The Canton of Schaffhausen, northernmost of the country, hosts Switzerland´s most refreshing and popular tourist attraction: the Rhine Falls, Europe´s biggest waterfalls, where across a width of 150m, immense volumes of water crash down over the rocks with a thundering roar.


CH-6430 Schwyz
Zeughausstrasse 10
Contact: +41 41 855 59 50

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The little town of Schwyz, capital of the canton with the same name, is home to the Forum of Swiss History and important founding documents of the Swiss Confederation. The canton is famous for its cherry blossoms and numerous cherry specialities, and it is also where the famous Swiss army penknives come from.


CH-4500 Solothurn
Hauptgasse 69
Contact: +41 32 626 46 56

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Solothurn is a fine baroque town, where Italian grandeur is combined with French charm and German practicality. It is located at the southern end of the Jura mountain range by the River Aare, about 30 km east of Biel/Bienne. The canton is a real nice area for hikes along the river or over the Weissenstein summit.


CH-8580 Amriswil
Egelmoosstrasse 1
Postfach 1123
Contact: +41 71 414 11 44

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A landscape made for the bicycles: rolling hills, broad river valleys, 70 kilometers of shores along Lake Constance (Bodensee) and the Rhine. Historically important monasteries, museums and typical villages. A healthy country: one third of all Swiss apples mature in Thurgau´s orchards!


CH-6501 Bellinzona
Via C. Ghiringhelli 7 - CP 1441
Contact: +41 91 825 70 56

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It is an Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, and the only canton situated south of the Alps, a kind of piece of Italy grafted on Switzerland. If you say Ticino to a Swiss citizen, he will reply Holidays! Mildest climate of Switzerland, and the best Merlot wines around.


CH-6460 Altdorf
Schützengasse 11
Contact: +41 41 874 80 00

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Uri fascinates by its manifold temptations: from the mild Mediterranean shores of the Vierwaldstättersee (Lake of Lucerne) to typical villages and up to shining snowfields, Uri is a land of many surprises and it is the country of Wilhelm Tell, the mythical Swiss hero!


CH-1951 Sion
Rue Pré Fleuri 6 - CP 1469
Contact: +41 27 327 35 90

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Because of its special location between two Alpine mountain ranges, the Valais is the sunniest region in Switzerland: 300 days of sunshine every year! A paradise for winter sports and, in summer, an incredible starting point for hikes, from the easiest to the most extreme. Last but not least, it is a winegrowers country, producing some of the best wines in Switzerland...


CH-1001 Lausanne
Avenue d'Ouchy 60 - CP 1125
Contact: +41 21 613 26 26

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This canton is like a Miniature Switzerland: it stretches from the Jura mountain range to the Alps, from the shores of Lake Léman (Lake Geneva) to the Prealpine valleys, from the Mittelland landscapes to the Rhône Valley... It features a (relatively) big town, nice little cities, picturesque villages and hamlets, and 5 different wine terroirs...


CH-6300 Zug
Contact: +41 41 723 68 00

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The unique sunsets over Lake Zug are an experience not to be missed, nor is the modern artistry in light, created by James Turrell for the railway station. Then there is the magical world of the caves at Baar: the beautiful walks in idyllic surroundings, or how about savouring a delicious piece of our world-famous Zug kirsch cake?


CH-8001 Zürich
Hauptbahnhof - Main Train Station
Contact: +41 44 215 40 00

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As a lakeside discovery metropolis with views of the snow-covered Alps on the horizon, Zurich offers a unique mix of adventure, enjoyment, nature, and culture. With some 1,400,000 inhabitants, the canton is the most populated of Switzerland and the intercontinental airport of Kloten is the main gateway to the country.

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