Welcome to the Cyclades!

The Cyclades are a trendy and beautiful destination. Hospitality is a the highest and prices at the lowest, so you should definitely go to Greece during your next holidays!

We are travelers just like you, and we manage a multiform tourist guide of Switzerland. But we are Cyclades regular too, and this special section of our guide reflects our love of the Greek islands.

This website is packed with thousands of photos and features useful informations, links to official websites, and good tips. It's your best starting point to discover the Cyclades.

As we are mobile web specialists, a special pocket version for iOS and Android is available at cyclades.mobi and, if you have an iPhone or an iPad, our iGuides will be valuable companions as they can be used without connection.

All inhabited islands (and some desert islands) are featured, even if we haven't yet stopped on each one. All full descriptions haven't yet been translated in English, but there is a short abstract for each island. (Feel free to contact us if you wish to translate some description or submit your own!)

Have a nice trip and... welcome to paradise!

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