iCyclades Tourist Guides
In short
Some figures:
  • 1 website in 3 versions and 2 languages (French/English)
  • 3 social networks (Facebook, Google, YouTube)
  • 13 apps for iPhone and iPad
  • More than 16,500 users of the iOS apps
  • Nearly 1.6 million views on Facebook (January-June 2017)
  • More than 2.8 million views on Google Maps and Google Street View (since May 2016)
  • 150 euros for one year of every day promotion
Some facts:
  • By travelers, for travelers
  • Made in Switzerland and Greece by high-end professionals
  • Endorsed as Google Street View Trusted Photographers
  • No advertising but sophisticated recommendations (with details, photos, reviews, links, map)
  • Global promotion to all devices (PC, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) thanks to multiple vectors (websites, social networks, apps)
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the Pictorial Guide
of the Cyclades
The iCyclades Tourist Guides are made by travelers for travelers and are targeting mobile users.
To target all devices and operating systems, the guides are available in 5 different versions:
  • www.cyclades.mobi, a triple website made for computers, tablets and smartphones of all types
All versions are 100% free, without hidden costs and without invasive advertisement.
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Dreams of Greece
For iPhone and iPad users, 13 free guides are currently available.
iCyclades and GreekMaps are global guides, and iParos, iAntiparos, iNaxos, iSyros, iAndros, iTinos, iMykonos, iSantorini, iSifnos, iMilos and iAmorgos are detailed guides.
Each guide is packed with scenic photo galleries, breathtaking panoramas, maps that can be used without internet, useful informations, links to official websites, and tips about famous places and secret spots: just what anybody needs for a vacation in the Cyclades!
Every app ensures cross-promotion for all the islands of the Cyclades, as every guide advertises all the other guides and all partners.
The iCyclades Tourist Guides are currently used by more than 16,500 travelers (June 2017 figure).
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Good Tips
In the "Good Tips" section, we feature good hotels, restaurants, shops, and services, and highlight them as personal recommendations. No traditional advertisements: smart tips to make the best of a stay and create some buzz!
An extended "Good Tips" section is featured in every guide, collecting all recommendations in all islands. As travelers rarely visit only one island, they have all recommendations in every guide, so as to get all good tips even if they install only one app of the collection.
Check our video on YouTube to see how the good tips look!
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Only the best
We don't advertise, we recommend personally.
So we select only the best, according to our own experience and to other travelers reviews.
We charge a small yearly fee for each recommendation, but money is not the criterion for eligibility.
Quality definitely is.
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Social Networks
To expand the impact of the guides, we are working also extensively with Facebook and Google Maps, and we started recently a YouTube channel.
Facebook page
Cyclades Free Guides

Our page shares our news in various groups, pages and profiles. From January to June 2017, our posts have reached nearly 1.6 million views. Check it out and like it to follow us!
Google Maps and Street View
photospheres (spherical panoramas)

Our photospheres focused on the Cyclades have now exceeded 2.8 million views, with more than 400,000 views of photospheres created for our partner hotels, restaurants and shops.
Since July 2016, we are endorsed as Google Street View Trusted Photographers.
Our photospheres have a growing impact (more than 18,000 daily views during spring 2017) and we offer a low-cost photosphere shooting service during our stays in the Cyclades.

All photospheres are displayed in our websites and in our iOS apps as well as on Google Maps and Google Street View (subject to approval by Google), and some of them are also posted on Facebook.
Panoramic Cyclades, the new section of cyclades.mobi focused on spherical panoramas, is our new scenic production, with photospheres shot in Mykonos, Delos, Santorini, Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Andros, Tinos, Amorgos, Sifnos, and Milos. Many new photospheres shot in May 2017 will be added during summer 2017.
Every photosphere featured in this new section may be freely shared in Facebook.
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Partners welcome!
Travelers as well as business owners and tourism organizations may contact us to submit a place. We consider all requests, including the ones related to islands not yet promoted with full-blown guides.
(New guides focused on islands not yet featured in the collection may be created on request!)
As a partner, you'll be featured in all apps as well as in all versions of the website. We will promote you to all travelers, regardless of which device they use!
It's not traditional advertising. You'll be featured with all details, photo gallery, location map, useful links (official website, Facebook page, TripAdvisor reviews), and maybe more if you wish.
Did you check our video?
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High-end @ low-cost
A very small yearly fee: 150 euros. Only. Believe it or not.
No development, design, or creation costs. Only special requests or features are subject to additional costs (e.g. Google Street View photospheres).
It's a good and cost-effective opportunity to connect with new customers, go for it!
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Get in touch!
We'll get back to you immediately!
iCyclades Guides by fusions.ch
Isabelle Billerey & Jacques Lauber
Avenue des Alpes 120
CH-1820 Montreux - Switzerland
Tap or click above to get detailed info about any guide and download it.
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Android and Windows Phone
FAQ: Any Android and Windows Phone version?
Yes and no. At the moment, the iCyclades Guides are not available as native Android and Windows Phone apps.
YES, the "Good Tips" section is also available on cyclades.mobi.
YES, the cyclades.mobi website is made for Android and Windows Phone too!
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Promotion period
FAQ: Is the 1-year promotion starting on January 1 and ending on December 31?
The duration of the promotion is 1 year but in fact it may be more than 12 months. We update all the guides regularly to meet the needs. We can thus add new partners any time during the year. Duration of the promotion will vary according to the moment when your promotion starts.
Some examples, subject to change: partners added in April 2017 will be featured in the guides until June 2018. Partners added in September 2017 will be featured until April 2019.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you make your decision in summer, as we'll prepare a special offer for you!
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FAQ: How can we pay?
You may pay cash when we stay on your island, or pay by international bank transfer or PayPal.
We'll send you a legal invoice by e-mail. We'll need your ΑΦΜ and ΔΟΥ (tax number and tax office).
Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more details!
Go to cyclades.mobi
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